Are your walls suffering from water penetration? Confused by all of the different water repellents out there? Looking for a simple solution to stop damp permanently?

Then welcome to WallGuard System 20. The simple to use chemical solution will stop water ingress immediately, offer total protection from wind and driving rain for up to twenty years and bind the surface of crumbling stone and brick walls.

Buy Online and Protect Your Walls in a Matter of Days

WallGuard System 20 can be purchased online and is sent out for delivery the next day. The product can be applied very easily so in just a few days your walls will be fully protected.

Proven to Work in Many Conditions

WallGuard System 20 is very versatile and can be used on all types of masonry. This product has been supplied to the specialist building industry for a number of years, with unparalleled success. The product is now available to all competant DIYers.

Highest Quality and Saves You Money

WallGuard System 20 will fully protect your wall for approximately 5 times as long as most other leading water repellents, making it the highest quality product available. The life expectancy of the product makes it extremely cost effective.

Application and Safety

WallGuard System 20          WallGuard System 20 Application

WallGuard System 20 is very user friendly and can be applied by anyone with some DIY experience. We offer over the phone technical advice for anyone who requires this service.

Steps to Take in Order to Protect your Wall

In just 4 steps your wall can be fully protected:

  • Order WallGuard System 20 online or call us on 023 9285 6110.
  • Clean your wall of any contamination and check that the surface is sound.
  • Apply the first coat of WallGuard System 20 and wait for 24 hours.
  • Apply the second coat of WallGuard System 20.

Unique Benefits of WallGuard System 20:

  • 1st class protection against driving rain and wind.
  • A breathable product, so that moisture doesn’t stay trapped inside the wall, which would cause damage.
  • Completely invisible and won’t get bleached from sunlight over time.
  • Acts as a surface binder for crumbling stone/brick.


To view the full technical datasheet please click here.

If you think your wall may need additional repair work before applying WallGaurd System 20, please take a look at our preparatory products here.