Welcome to Wallguard 20.

Are Your Walls Looking Damp and Weathered?

Give your walls the highest quality protection now and stop damp for good.

WallGuard System 20, the latest technology for protecting against water penetration in damp and crumbling walls, for the next 20 years.

protectionWallGuard System 20 is capable of protecting all types of brick and stone against penetrating damp from the most torrentual wind driven rain where most other water repellents may fail over time.

qualityWallGuard System 20 is the diamond standard of water repellents lasting for up to 20 years. This is at least 5 times longer than most other leading brand water repellents.

breathableWallGuard System 20 is a fully breathable surface treatment. Moisture does not get trapped in the wall and the benefit of this is that seasonal change will not result in the face of the stone/brick breaking away.
invisibleWallGuard System 20 is completely invisible and won’t get bleached from sunlight over time. The product can be applied to a variety of stone and brick finishes without any visual change.
Surface BinderWallGuard System 20 is also a surface binder. If the face of the stone has become dusty over time through weathering, WallGuard System 20 will help to rebind the substrate.